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We are excited to announce that Benny Lopez is our Chosen Athlete of the Month for January 2019! Benny has consistently demonstrated some of the most important virtues we hope to see in all of our members. His positive attitude is infectious and his dedication to CrossFit Chosen does not go unnoticed. He has proven that consistency pays off and hard work is WORTH IT!

Thank you for being who you are, Benny. You are an asset to our Chosen family and we are excited to see where this year will take you!

Benny Lopez




Tester in IEC Electronics in Newark, NY

Which classes do you typically attend?

4:30 or 5:30 in the evening

Complete the sentence: I knew I was a CrossFitter when____________________.

I knew I was a crossfitter after my second month attending classes at the YMCA. I knew what CrossFit was before joining the YMCA but I never gave it try. I always like to be active,  like walking on the lake, riding a bicycle or playing basketball and I found a little of everything that I like in doing CrossFit.

If you could delete one movement/lift/workout from the CrossFit archives, which would it be?

I would not delete any movement from CrossFit, there is always a work out or a movement the we hate, I always approach those workouts with the intent to get better at them by going lite in weight and practicing the form.

Favorite workout fuel?

My workout fuel is Torque, the watermelon flavor.

What is your most favorite CrossFit moment?

One of the moments would be last year, Murph seeing all of my friends cheering me up and helping finish it with me!

One fun fact about you:

I’m always smiling and dancing!