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We are excited to announce that Carlos Villamil is our Chosen Athlete of the Month for April 2019! Carlos is one of the originals of CrossFit Chosen and has consistently improved from the moment he walked through the doors. His positive encouragement to his fellow members is so kind and genuine, there’s certainly no one out there quite like Carlos. He is a model member here at CrossFit Chosen and definitely someone we all look up to.

If you don’t know Carlos, his phenomenal attitude truly embodies all the most important things about using CrossFit to maintain a happy and healthy life.



Carlos Villamil




Realtor/Jockey Agent

Which classes do you typically attend?

I attend all classes, any time of day.

Complete the sentence: I knew I was a CrossFitter when____________________.

I was trying to catch my breath after my first class ever!

When you aren’t at the gym what can we find you doing?

When i’m not at the gym I like to spend time with my wife and kids, watch Netflix and of course work on Real Estate.

What is something your gym mates would be surprised to know about you?

My gym mates know everything about me…so I cant surprise them 🙂


:Would you rather questions:

*Live witout the internet OR without A/C and heating*

Live without internet

*Lick the most torn up hands in the gym after Murph OR be locked in a dark closet with 6 tarantulas for an hour*

Be locked in a dark room with 1000 tarantulas for a whole day!!!!

*Snuggle with a cactus OR do rope climbs wearing only socks*

‘Gently’ snuggle with a cactus

*Have a mermaid fin or a giraffes neck*

I would love to have a giraffes neck!