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We are excited to introduce the CrossFit Chosen Member of the Month, Cathy Buksar!  Cathy has been with us since we became CrossFit Chosen in 2016! She loves coming to 5:30pm class. If you look up ‘consistent’ in the dictionary, we’re pretty sure you will see Cathy’s name!

Cathy’s determination and drive to become the best version of herself is admirable. If she’s struggling with a movement, she stays after to work on it. If she’s a pro at a movement, she doesn’t hesitate to stay after class to help a fellow member; cheering and giving tips. We see you Cathy. Thank you for being you and keep on being one of the funniest members CrossFit chosen has ever had 🙂

Lets learn a little more about Cathy, shall we?




Cathy Buksar




Regional Planning Manager for Circulation at Messenger Post Media

Which classes do you typically attend?

5:30pm with my “After work, we Jerk” peeps

Complete the sentence: I knew I was a CrossFitter when____________________.

I realized  every class brought a new challenge. CrossFit wasn’t as easy as some of the other “exercise” classes I had been taking which was usually a ‘set routine’ type workout. With CrossFit, I never really know whats in store for me that day. Whether i’m last on the leader board or able to do RX, I feel a sense of accomplishment when I get through the WOD.

If you could delete one movement/lift/workout from the CrossFit archives, which would it be?

Would have to be the “Snatch”. I find it most difficult but when properly executed it’s like poetry in motion. I hope someday I can get to that point…. or at least hate it less.

When you aren’t at the gym what can we find you doing?

Tending to my veggie garden and taking care of all my pets on my little “farm”. I also care for a colony of feral cats by my work and I’ve trapped and found homes for 7 of them over the years. I love horror movies/books. I’m a Stephen King fan!

What is your most humbling CrossFit moment?

When I was struggling to do all those snatches for the CrossFit Open, I got to the point where I literally wanted to cry because I couldn’t do that move and everyone around me was so fluid with it. When I finally muscled up and I heard people cheering, it pushed me to keep going.


:Would you rather questions:

*ONE minute max thrusters :or: ONE minute handstand hold with a severe head cold?*

The handstand with a head cold. Maybe it would clean out the sinuses??

*Pickles: Dill :or: Sweet?*

Dilly, Dilly!

*50 burpees wearing a snowsuit :or: 5 pull-ups wearing ONLY grips?*

Do I HAVE to wear the grips???

*Pistols :or: Goblet squats*


*Airplane Sushi :or: Gas station Hot dog?*

Definitely the sushi because that would mean i’m on an airplane going somewhere!! The hot dog would mean I was just getting gas and really hungry, making poor life choices.