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We are excited to announce that Lew Zulick is our Chosen Athlete of the Month for March 2019! All of us here at CrossFit Chosen notice Lew’s commitment to his health and the gym. Lew’s active involvement helps him create more fluid movement patterns and increase stability. His commitment the gym definitely doesn’t go unnoticed. Lew has attended class and open-gym at least 3 times per week for 11 weeks STRAIGHT! Now THAT’s and athlete!

Lew, your positive energy is admirable to everyone around you. Thanks for being a part of our CrossFit community!


Lew Zulick





Which classes do you typically attend?


Complete the sentence: I knew I was a CrossFitter when____________________.

I felt my old knee injury get better!

If you could delete one movement/lift/workout from the CrossFit archives, which would it be?

Easy choice: Overhead Squats!


What motivates you to walk in the doors of CrossFit Chosen?

Stress Relief

What are your favorite things to do outside of the gym?

Hang out with my family, play the piano and go biking.

What is your most humbling CrossFit moment?

Trying to do Overhead Squats……

:Would you rather questions:

*Ocean or Lake*   RIVER!

*Cake or Donuts*  Donuts.

*Beyonce or Brittney* Beyonce 🙂

*Flip flops or Sneakers* Sneakers

*Would you rather* Fight ONE horse-sized duck…or 100 duck-sized horses??* The Horse-Sized Duck!