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We are excited to announce that Maria Valerio is our Chosen Athlete of the Month for February 2019! Everyone that knows Maria, knows that she brings such an uplifiting presence wherever she goes. Her positive attitude and endless support for her fellow athletes never goes unnoticed. Maria has made some major strides in movement progressions and has come so far with her Olympic lifts. Maria has recently competed in 2 Olympic lifting competitions and solidifying PR’s at each meet.

Congratulations on your achievements, Maria! It’s been an honor watching you become the athlete that you are and we cant wait to see what you have planned for 2019!


Maria Valerio




Bar Manager/Bartender

Which classes do you typically attend?

8:30 AM!!!

Complete the sentence: I knew I was a CrossFitter when____________________.

I threw-up mid-WOD and still finished 🙂

If you could delete one movement/lift/workout from the CrossFit archives, which would it be?

I know it says one but it’s a tie between box jumps and push press!


What motivates you to walk in the doors of CrossFit Chosen?

Feeling good about myself! It’s such a confidence booster for me…AND a stress reliever. Ever since I started CrossFit (shout out to Gina Pass for signing me up for On-Ramp even though I told her not to) I’ve gotten so much stronger!

What are your favorite things to do outside of the gym?

I love being around my family, doing hood rat things with my friends, spending money I don’t have at LuLu and drinking Miller Lites.

What is your most humbling CrossFit moment?

I think my first couple months, during class just looking over at my sister, wanting to cry or leave class because I was struggling so bad, and having her there to help me push through it. In return, I am SO grateful now!

:Would you rather questions:

*Lobster Hands or Tentacles for Hands*   Lobster hands!

*Running or Rowing*  Running.

*Cookie Dough or Brownie Batter* Cookie Dough fo sho!

*Ability to fly or be Invisible* Fly!

*Use Sandpaper as toilet paper or hot sauce as eye drops* Oh damn, hurts to say it, but sandpaper as tp.