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Brandon Jackel

Brandon grew up in Colorado with a passion for the outdoors. Through snowboarding, hiking, rafting and running Brandon, has always enjoyed athleticism and the art of competing. With a desire to travel and build a skill set Brandon, moved to New York and became a licensed massage therapist in 2008, specializing in sports massage and trigger point therapy. This awareness in soft tissue body work and desire to help others led him to pursue his bachelors degree in nursing. Brandon currently serves as a Registered Nurse at Thompson’s Intensive Care Unit. With the nations growing trend of obesity and chronic disease, Brandon knew there has to be an alternative antidote to managing illness; fitness became the answer and Brandon discovered CrossFit. After participating in the sport for three years and finding a growing love for Olympic Lifting, Brandon pursued his CF-L1. He quotes, “I believe nutrition and functional fitness is the key to disease prevention; the journey remains to integrate the truth into the lives of others building healthier and stronger communities.” Brandon, currently resides in Bristol, New York with his wife Crystal and five children.