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Mike Bollinger

Born and raised on a dairy farm in Lancaster, PA, Mike learned the value of hard work at a young age. He was a tri-sport athlete playing soccer and baseball as well as excelling as a wrestler throughout high school. He went on to Cornell University where he continued to wrestle competitively. To stay fit after college Mike participated in triathlons ultimately finding his way to CrossFit. CrossFit aligned with Mike’s personal goals of wellbeing and after doing CrossFit for a few years and witnessing his own physical fitness improve, he went on to earn his CrossFit L1 certification to help others. Currently, Mike works as an on-farm independent consultant as well as the modified wrestling coach for Canandaigua Academy. Mike is an avid outdoorsman, he loves hunting, fishing and working on the farm. Mike has a wife, Kaitlin and two daughters, Nora and Maren.