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Sarah Hart

Sarah has always been a sport and fitness junkie, that is where she gets her natural competitive drive. She grew up playing every sport imaginable with her older brother and the neighborhood boys at the park she lived next door to. When Middle School and High School came around, soccer and basketball became her main focuses – playing JV soccer and Varsity basketball in the 8th grade. When not at practice, she was playing pick-up, running around the block, or making early morning trips to the fitness center before school. Sarah continued her basketball career at the collegiate level, playing for Daemen College. When the days of competitive sports had passed, Sarah strived to fill that void. She has always been an active person, but CrossFit and Olympic lifting gave her the opportunity to be competitive again but this time not so much with others as with herself. She immediately fell in love with the sport and the CrossFit community and began spending as much time as she could at the box learning and improving her skills. Sarah has come a long way since she started at Crossfit Chosen and still has so much more to learn. It excites her to be able to help others improve and reach their goals while having fun doing it! Don’t be alarmed by the “sick” dance moves you might see her bust out in class, if you’re not having fun you’re doing it wrong!