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CrossFit Open 2017 Wraps Up

Mar 26, 2017

Today marks the finale of the CrossFit Open for 2017 and I couldn’t be prouder of our CrossFit Chosen Family. I can’t begin to express how wonderful it’s been to see everyone come together, both in participation and support of others as we worked through a grueling 5 weeks of competitions.

At the end of the day the Open is much more then a competition. It’s a time for the CrossFit community to come together and celebrate our collective achievements. To solidify the bond that we’ve built over a set of common goals. Goals that aren’t just numbers like your Fran time or Grace. Goals for your family, for your community, for the world. A bit lofty perhaps, but imagine an infection that takes hold of 400,000 people worldwide. It’s sure to spread, right?

Okay, bringing it down to earth a bit (and hoping to quickly move past calling CrossFit an infection 🙂 ), what all of this comes down to is the awesome people of CrossFit Chosen that came together every weekend and busted their ass, cheered on their community and overall just propped each other up. I’m always super proud to see a member hit a PR; but this was just on another level and I thank you, every one of you for making this CrossFit Open special for the community.

Finally, (I know, i’m almost done), if you didn’t compete this year, or maybe weren’t able to get out to cheer people on, don’t feel badly. Everyone engages at different levels. What I will say though is if you felt like maybe you weren’t ready or were a little timid about competing, hopefully these past 5 weeks have taught you there’s nothing to be scared of, nothing to be timid or shy about! Everyone can participate, that’s literally the definition of the Open. 🙂 If this speaks to you, I trust we’ll see you next year for the Open 2018!

Once again, Congratulations and I love my CrossFit Chosen Family!! Community STRONG!